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If God Is For Us

Dear Jubilee Family,

In our 1 Peter 2 text this past Sunday, Pastor Toph called us to the mission of the church which is to glorify God by displaying and proclaiming the gospel to all peoples. Wow, how could it be that God would entrust the spreading of his glory to us?

Back in chapter one we watch God do the most amazing thing. In his great mercy, God causes us to be born again to a living hope who is Jesus himself (v 3). Then by the power of God, our new found faith in that living hope, Jesus, is guarded until that day when we receive the fulness of our salvation (v 5). The journey of today is then lived out with joy in belonging to God even while we walk through all the brokenness experienced in this life (v 6). 

And so this inexpressible joy fills you, for you are now (because of his mercy) one belonging to God. Our responses to life’s joys and sorrows then become a testimony and a proclamation to the working of God who is the builder of a temple (that’s us) with a holy priesthood (that’s us) working to show and proclaim what it means to be in relationship with a holy God (that’s eternal life: John 17:3) (2:9-10).

Remembering that God’s presence fills his temple with his glory and his power, we realize afresh that we, the church, will triumph because if God is for us, then who can be against us. Internalize this, church! Ask God to make this teaching come alive in all of us today so that we overcome by the blood of the lamb where the enemy of our souls would like to destroy!

God is able to heal and to help!

We prayed through 1 Peter last evening at the prayer meeting. We prayed for us and asked God to do this amazing work in us!

Eager and expectant for all God will do!

Pastor Dan

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