Jubilee Community Church

Worth Dying On?

Jubilee Fam, 

Are third-tier hills worth dying on? The answer is yes, and no. It depends on what you mean by dying. Third-tier hills are not worth dying on when unity and love among believers end up being casualities in our disagreements. There is a better death, a more necessary death, that third-tier hills are worthy of, namely, the death of ourselves when, by the strength the Spirit supplies, we walk in careful restraint and humility in our disagreements with one another. Can you imagine the witness that Jubilee can be in Minneapolis when it is heard that some people are a delight to disagree with for the sake of unity and love? I mentioned some questions that I found to be helpful in thinking about doctrines, practices, and by implication, opinions, interpretations, and our views. Here they are again. 

1. To what extent does this doctrine or practice reveal the person and nature of God?

2. How directly is this doctrine or practice connected to the gospel and the storyline of the whole Bible?

3. To what extent does Scripture unambiguously affirm this doctrine or practice?

4. How prominent is this doctrine or practice in Scripture?

5. How widespread is the consensus on this doctrine or practice in the Church of both the past and present

6. How relevant is this doctrine or practice to us today?

United in Christ together, 

Pastor Lew