Jubilee Community Church

“Till Now the Lord Has Helped Us”

Hello Jubilee family, 

I was reading from Charles Spurgeon recently and want to share with you an excerpt from his sermon on STONES! He titled his message, “What the Stones Say.” Spurgeon’s son, Thomas, beamed about his father’s masterful ability to decorate his sermon with illustrations. “Being a master of metaphor, he gathered from every source.” In other words, there wasn’t a place on the planet that was safe from Spurgeon’s hand as he plundered the earth for pointers to the glory of our Triune God. Listen to the Prince of Preachers. 

You remember Samuel setting up the stone of Eben-ezer, “the stone of help,” recording the goodness of God. You have, perhaps, heard of the old woman who said she had so many Ebenezers, that they formed a wall on both sides of her all her journey through life. Each of us should be able to say the same. “Hitherto hath the Lord helped us”: it is indeed a great wall of memorials of the lovingkindness of God.

1 Samuel 7:5–12 tells the story of the stone of help. We ought to fill our mouths with the words from verse 12 — Till now, the LORD has helped us. Like the older woman, we have so many ebenezers as a witness to the goodness of our God. Even in this pandemic, especially in this pandemic, our faithful Father is our help. It is our prayer this week that as a body, we would reflect on this stone wall of help on both sides. It is like walking down a long hallway with pictures on both sides that call for our attention and reflection. This picture depicts God’s help. That picture shows our Lord’s protection. The picture further down produces a smile on our face as we see, yet again, the Spirit has come to our aid. 

What you will see in these pictures are people’s faces that the Lord has used as an instrument for help. So many of you, our Jubilee family, have been and continue to be a means of God’s grace of support to one another. We give God thanks for the many ways he has blessed the body through you. By God’s grace continue to increase in your work of faith and labor of love. 

If you need help, don’t deprive the wall of stone another addition. Don’t deny the hallway another picture. Please let the body know what your need is. Don’t suffer underneath the weight of concern by yourself. It will crush you. Our Triune God, where our help comes from, will supply every need, and he does so often through the body.  

Much grace and peace to you all as we take this one day at a time, 

Pastor Lew