Jubilee Community Church

The Firm Ground We Run On

Jubilee Fam, 

I read this morning in the Word from Genesis, Matthew, Ezra, and Acts. I was struck afresh how all four chapters from those books highlighted the firm ground we run our race on. I had a basketball coach back in the day that made us run for endurance. That, of course, is nothing out of the ordinary for coaches to do. This coach took it to the next level when he required us to run on the sand! The ground we run on matters. The firmest of all grounds to run the race set before us with endurance as we look to Jesus is our good Father’s faithfulness. In Genesis 2, his faithfulness was foreshadowed when he tells Adam what will happen if Adam or Eve eats the fruit. In Matthew 2, his faithfulness shone by fulfilling the prophecy concerning Jesus, his Son’s return from Egypt. In Ezra 2, his faithfulness was on display as people returned home from exile. In Acts, his faithfulness stood forth by following through on his promise to send the Spirit. Everywhere we turn the Lord’s faithfulness illuminates Scripture’s pages. The ground we run on, the firmest of all grounds, that leads us to the finish line is the Lord’s track record of being who he said he would be and doing what he said he would do. In the words of the hymn — all other ground is sinking sand. Run the race set before us well this week, Jubilee, and feel the firm ground of God’s faithfulness underneath your feet. 

Pastor Lew