Jubilee Community Church

The Beauty of Christ

It is the very definition of an understatement to say that we have scratched the surface of how wide, how long, how high and how deep the love of Christ is! The love of Christ surpasses knowledge! The same can be said about the beauty of Christ. How beautiful is Jesus to the eyes of our hearts? What would it be like to behold his beauty on the pages of Scripture? What does it feel like to see the beauty of Christ? That last question was the topic of a recent Ask Pastor John podcast. I highly recommend that you spend some time listening to it. Better yet, read it slowly. It has some gems in it that are worthy of deep reflection. Here is a taste test — “If God only showed up once a year, it would be worth reading every day to get that taste of glory.”

What Does it Feel Like to See the Beauty of Christ? 

May you be strengthen by the empowering Spirit today