Jubilee Community Church

Remember the Whole Commandment

As a child I remember listening to a story from a far-away land. There was a tree full of fruit, and gathered around it were all the animals, and they were hungry.  But the tree would not release its fruit unless the animals remembered the name of that tree.  The name was held by an old chief who lived over the mountains.  Many of the strongest animals went and asked for the name of the tree, but having received the name with joy, they would start the long journey back to the tree.  Along the way, distractions or hardships would eventually jar the name from their memory.  Though they would think hard to remember or make up a name and say it many times, the fruit did not fall and the animals became desperate.  Finally, the tortoise said he would go, and everyone laughed.  After many days, he received the name from the chief. He asked three times and heard the same name repeated.  Then he made the long journey home repeating the name over and over again.  At every hard circumstance and distraction he repeated the name. And when he got to the tree, though he stumbled at first, slowly the name came out: euangelaymah!  And the fruit fell, and all enjoyed the abundance.

A silly story to be sure.  But like the animals and the woman at the well (Jn.4), we cry out: Sir, give me this water, so that I will not be thirsty. And the Lord gives us his Word that we might eat and drink in abundance.  But the circumstances of our lives and the disruption of busyness can distract us from keeping his word in our hearts and minds. We forget the word, and the results are fruitless words and responses from our lives that bring no life to anyone.

Jubilee, let’s help one another remember in 2020 the whole commandment and be careful to keep it all along the way. We remember by asking the Spirit to make his word come alive in our lives, and we give ourselves to reading, listening, meditating and knowing him through it.  For truly his word is the good news (the name) that bears much fruit in us and through us … spreading his abundance to many.

Asking and reading along with you, 

Pastor Dan