Jubilee Community Church

The Perfect Counsel Of His Own Will

Our text from this past Sunday has many truths to think deeply about. What jumps out to me is how God the Father works all things out. It is not only good to know that the Father has a plan, it is also good to see how the Father accomplishes his plan. What counsel does he use to inform his plan?

We all consciously and subconsciously have some sort of counsel that we use to inform how we work our plans out. We may work the plan of parenting according to the counsel of how we were raised. We may work our financial plan according to the counsel of Dave Ramsey. Our political plans may be influenced by the counsel of a donkey or an elephant and not according to the counsel of the Lamb. (I stole that from Benjamin Watson who stole it from a teammate.)

Ephesians 1:11-12 tells us that the Father accomplishes all things according to the counsel of his own will. What informs the Father as he works all things out? The perfect counsel of his own will. What have you done according to the counsel of your own will and it turned out that your will was not good counsel? This never happens with God the Father. Isaiah 28:29 says that the LORD of hosts is wonderful in counsel and excellent in wisdom. The Father’s wonderful and perfect counsel informs how he works all things in his plan which will turn out to the praise of his glory.