Jubilee Community Church

Now We Live

“Now we live if you are standing firm in the faith. (1 Thess 3:8)” What makes you feel alive? What is life-giving to your soul? There are, of course, many legitimate answers to this question. For the last three days, over 2000 pastors and church leaders descended on the convention center for the Bethlehem Conference on gospel hope in light of the second coming of Christ. One of the many impactful points mentioned from the speakers is that as eternity draws near Christ should become bigger in our hearts! This conference was astonishingly life-giving. 

As you ponder on the question, we hope that Paul’s answer would be high on your list. For Paul, the stream of his people’s firm faith supplied the flourishing of his own life like a river to a lake. Don’t miss how other-people centered that is. Now WE live if YOU are standing firm in the faith. Oh, would the Father continue to work in us eyes that are cast outward on the lookout for firm faith in our brothers and sisters. It is genuinely life-giving to be encouraged by the firm faith of another! So, consider what Pastor Dan said this past Sunday — Paul looked for ways to strengthen the Thessalonian’s faith. This week, ask the Father to keep you keenly aware of how he can use you to strengthen the faith of another brother or sister. Imitate Paul, by caring about another person’s faith and where you find faltering confidence, by the power of the Holy Spirit, find a way to care for their faith through the encouragement of the Scriptures. 

May the grace of Jesus be with you,

Pastor Lew