Jubilee Community Church


Behold, children are a heritage from the Lord, the fruit of the womb a reward. – Psalm 127:3

General Info

The Jubilee nursery serves children up to the age of 4.  We have three nurseries—birth to 24-months, 2-year-olds, and 3-year-olds.  One team leader and three other volunteers staff the nursery each week along with occasional youth helpers.

Check In

Nursery check-in takes place from 9:45-10:00 at a table in the lobby. Parents and children can stop into the nursery to be greeted by their caretakers and drop off diaper bags, etc. but children remain with their parents for the beginning of the worship service. The nursery will fully open for children during the greeting time and will remain open until the end of service.

During the Service

During the service, the nursery will provide a place for safe free play, a small snack, simple songs, a Bible story lesson, and intentional prayer for each child.  Nursery volunteers will provide snack, diaper changes, and potty trips for your children unless you specify otherwise.  We’d like to use text messages as a non-intrusive beeper system during service.  Please provide your phone number during check-in so we can use it to text you if your child is upset or if you’ve indicated you’d like to perform diaper duties. Please keep your cell phone on vibrate!

What to Bring With You

We’d be grateful if your child could come to the nursery each Sunday with a clean diaper and a sippy cup. Some children may also benefit from a comfort item like a blanket. Labels for these items can be made at the check-in table. Please don’t bring special toys that could get lost or cause conflict.

Policy Highlights

– The nursery will check all diapers, but will only change soiled diapers.
– The nursery will notify a parent if their child has been crying continuously for more than 10 minutes.

-To learn more about our policies designed for the protection of your children, you can read our Child Protection Policy here.

Jubilee Nursery Sick Child Policy

For the health and well-being of all our children, we ask that sick children remain with their parents during the church service.

A child is considered sick if the following symptoms have been present within the past 24 hours:

– He has an oral body temperature of +100 degrees
– He is vomiting
– He has diarrhea not related to medication or food reaction
– He has an undiagnosed rash
– There is yellow or green discharge from nose or eyes
– He has a constant cough not related to allergies or a wet cough producing yellow or green discharge


If you are interested in donating, serving in the nursery, or have any questions about this ministry, please contact Erin Lundquist (erinlundquist0510@gmail.com) or Rachel Austin (rachel.sommerlot@gmail.com)