Jubilee Community Church

Letter of Encouragement from Pastor Dan

Dear Jubilee Family,

Praying for you, for us, this morning and realizing afresh the battle we need to enter for the faith of one another during this circumstance of life that God has placed into our lives. It is a time in which great fear is gripping the world. A fear of the unseen and the effects it might have. Much of the fear is being driven (perhaps unintentionally) by the media and our constant appetite to know the latest and how it might affect us.

It is affecting us. We are all being affected by it. And we are all given the opportunity and responsibility to stand against the fear by addressing our hearts as a community of faith with truth from God’s Word and by calling out to God on behalf of our nation asking that through these circumstances many around us might come to an end of themselves and find the rest from fear that belongs to all who know the Father through Jesus by the powerful working of his Spirit.

Meditating on a familiar text this morning (Proverbs 3:5-6), I was struck with the words in all your ways acknowledge him. Recognize God to be God in all your responses. Honor God as God. Submit yourselves to him as God. Worship him as the one who reigns over all things. Let thanksgiving flow knowing that he is the healer, sustainer, one who is working to will and to do according to his good plan for his people.

Family, we must set our minds on things above where Christ is reigning. Fear is a response that paralyzes. Love is our response to give. For love is the response of one who is set free from enslavement to this life being all there is. Love is able to serve those around us. It is love that eagerly responds to the needs of others. It is love that self-quarantines or wears a mask or does the social distancing to protect another. Love is all about the good of the other and is willing to bear all things for the other, knowing that in so doing you are filling up the measure of Christ and representing Christ.

Psalm 91 is a good place to linger as a reminder of what is true. It is not to be used as a good luck charm. It is truth that stirs understanding that my life is part of something larger than my life. Our lives are bound up in Christ whether we live or die. We are the Lord’s and his purposes cannot be thwarted.

 So give yourselves in these days to asking on behalf of one another and this land. Let the prayer in 2Chronicles 7:14 give you hope in the midst of prayer. And realize that the healing that is needed is both spiritual and physical. Make use of this time and circumstance by asking our God to bring revival to us, his church, and to open the eyes of many to the salvation that brings hope and peace even in the midst of affliction.

Give yourselves to the work of the kingdom through prayer and influence and so stymy the onslaught of fear producing media reports. Use them only to gain a heart of wisdom; a wisdom seen through the lens of truth. Remind your own soul and that of your brother and sister of what is truth according to God’s Word.

We, the elders, are praying for this family that God will do the 2Thessalonians miracle again in us causing our faith to grow abundantly in the midst of affliction and causing the love of every one for one another to increase even as we potentially watch things we had assumed as belonging to us begin to crumble around us.

God is with us! If God is with us, who can be against us? (Romans 8:31)

From God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ, grace and peace to you! (2Thess. 1:2)

Together with you (as the church) in the great work of the kingdom of our Lord!

Pastor Dan