Jubilee Community Church

Kingship Belongs to the Lord

All the ends of the earth shall remember and turn to the Lord, and all the families of the nations shall worship before you. For kingship belongs to the Lord, and he rules over the nations. Psalm 22:27, 28

There were so many good things to highlight from Pastor Dieudonné’s message this past Sunday. To hear our brother’s heart for Cameroon, theological education, and the 10 unengaged people groups was refreshing, convicting and challenging. I loved how he ended his message on the solid rock foundation of the kingship of our Lord. That is what dreams are built on. Missional dreams that seem daunting, impossible, far fetched and at times ludicrous only seem that way against the backdrop of a small god. But, if kingship belongs to the Lord and if his rule extends over every nation then dreams fueled by a passion for the supremacy of God in all things are something that we should live in.

The challenge at times could be the disappointment that comes with dreaming. Who hasn’t had a dashed dream in one shape or form and who hasn’t allowed more dreams to arise because of the fear of disappointment? That should not stop us from dreaming about how to come alongside of the Lord’s mission to make his name known. It is our hope that the last two sermons in our Mission’s Week inspired big dreams. We aren’t looking to add something else to our to-do list. We are, however, looking to have faith inspired obedience to open our mouths and tell people of the God of Psalm 22. The beauty of the body of Christ is that there are 10,000 dreams that are waiting to be birthed. We long to see the unique missional ministries that the Lord has placed right in our midst for the good of the nations and for the glory of God. Let’s keep dreaming on how to reach our neighbors, co-workers, families, friends, the nations in our midst and the nations across in other lands.

With Much Love,