Jubilee Community Church

Joy Springs from the Well of God’s Saving Word

Jubilee Fam,
Pastor Toph walked us through Exodus 18 last Sunday. Let’s take a moment and zoom in on Jethro. Before we get to his wise advice (18:13–27), we encounter his joy (18:1–12). Have you ever wondered how someone who is known for being a joyful person became that way? How did Jethro’s joy come about? I would submit to you that Exodus 18 grounds Jethro’s joy in hearing about the Lord’s saving and keeping activity. Exodus 18:8 — “Then Moses told his father-in-law all that the LORD had done to Pharaoh and to the Egyptians for Israel’s sake, all the hardships that had come upon them in the way, and how the LORD had delivered them.” The LORD’s activity was the well from which Jethro’s joy sprung. Joy arose from hearing! A New Testament example of the joy that comes from hearing of God’s saving activity is in Acts 13. The Gentiles heard the good news of God’s salvation, and when they heard this, they began rejoicing and glorifying the word of the Lord (Acts 13:48). Hearing God’s saving word produces joy. Joy is intricately connected to glory since we only glorify that which makes us happy. Consequently, joy is the fuel of the big show of the LORD’s glory. When Jethro blessed the LORD and acknowledged his supremacy above all gods (Exodus 18:10), this was a natural consequence of his joy. What else is the result of joy in the LORD’s saving activity, if not worship that blesses his holy name? 
Hearing good news together in joy,
Pastor Lew