Jubilee Community Church

Jesus’ Finished Work

Jubilee Fam, 

Isn’t it good news that we have an answer to the second question we are asking during our Lower the Volume series? What do we do when our consciences rightly condemn us? We run to Christ for the acquittal that his work has wrought for us! When the Judge Conscience rises up, a greater Judge has declared no condemnation to those in Christ Jesus! Our court system helps us understand that. The Supreme Court can overturn a lower court decision. How much more so can the Judge of all the earth cleanse us from a guilty conscience! This is why we ought to never sit under the guilty verdict of Judge Conscience. As soon as the gavel comes down in condemnation, we ought to run to the One whose gavel is louder in Christ Jesus! 

Rest in Jesus’ finished work this week, 

Pastor Lew