Jubilee Community Church

“Hope,” “Return,” “Works”

This past Sunday, Pastor Toph introduced us to 2 Thessalonians with a flyover of what we hope to dig into for the next three weeks. Do you remember his main point? We are to put our hope in the return of Jesus while persevering in good works under the authority of the local church. Keep three words from Pastor Toph’s main point in mind this week. “Hope” is the first word. Will you hope this week, Jubilee? Where will your it find its source? Upon what will you rest your hope? Will the source of your confident expectation or the ground of it be circumstantial? The second word to remember is a much firmer ground and a more sure cause for our hope. That word is “return.” Our hope today is fueled by the future return of Jesus. It is a good use of your time to consider why the certain event of Jesus’ return empowers hope in your soul today. What does such a hope look like as we wait? The third word, “works,” gives us our marching orders. Our hope, fueled and grounded, in the return of our Lord, is embodied by good works. May your hope this week be a seen hope robed in the beautiful garment of labors of love.

Hope well this week Jubilee,

Pastor Lew