Jubilee Community Church

Hope Grounded in Past Faithfulness

Jubilee Fam, 

This Sunday, Lord willing, we will be giving thanks to God for ten years of his glorious faithfulness to Jubilee. We will be looking back for a reminder of what the Lord has done. This is a necessary component of gratitude and thanksgiving. The action of looking back, however, is not just to spark deserved thanksgiving for past grace. Looking back also gives us the grounding to looking forward to the next ten years. Since he has been faithful, we can bank on the fact that he will be faithful. This is why Psalm 14, our last Psalm for the Summer, ends with deep hope. Hope has the final word amid whatever situation sparked the Psalm because the Psalmist’s eyes of faith look back on what the LORD had done. He could cry out for salvation to come out of Zion because salvation has come out of Zion before. Hope always has the last word Jubilee, which is not due to anything we bring to the table. We need hope. Thank God that the hope we need is found in the One who has been faithful to us for ten years and will continue to be for the next ten. 

Pastor Lew