Jubilee Community Church

God’s Bigger Story

I wonder what you are hearing in this series from Malachi as the Lord speaks to us through his servants. I hope that you are being drawn into the arms of the LORD of hosts as he speaks of a bigger story… a story full of life and peace… a place where true instruction abounds… where sin is not tolerated but forgiveness is abundant… a story in which He is honored by our total abandonment to him… a place where every resource is used to further his purposes… a kingdom in which He is truly the King of kings.
He begins with the words: I have loved you… I have loved Jacob (1:2). And we have seen rebellion and sin in the life of Jacob’s descendants, and it has mirrored our own self-centered lives. Then these words: For I the LORD do not change; therefore you, O children of Jacob, are not consumed… return to me, and I will return to you. (3:6-7)
God loves us, Jubilee! He opens his arms wide… he invites us into his story of life and peace… a life full of purpose in service… a place where his rule is actively pursuing his good design for this earth even in the midst of brokenness evidenced from struggling marriages to catastrophic flooding. His longing for us is that we would walk with him in peace and uprightness so that through our lives he might turn many (even in our own families) away from iniquity to the pursuit of himself (cf. 2:6).
Thankful to belong … thankful to be loved!

Pastor Dan