Jubilee Community Church

Given An Identity

What is available in the gospel is absolutely staggering. There is nothing in this world that gives us the resources that are available in the gospel. One resource the gospel gives the believer is an identity. An aspect of this gospel identity is that it is a received identity and not an achieved identity. You need to grab a cup of coffee with a brother and sister and think about the implications of that.

That is what we saw in Sunday’s sermon (Click Here for Sermon). Our identity as those who are God’s personal possession was not the work of our hands. We did not achieve that identity. We received it when we were sealed with the Holy Spirit. It is by grace that our identity is stamped as God’s own. Here is one implication to a gospel identity. Tim Keller is very helpful in thinking about this important topic. He said, ”The Gospel identity provides a unique openness to difference.” The gospel identity can do that because it is not threatened by difference. It is secured as a received identity by grace. Because a gospel identity provides a unique openness to difference, it is open to listening and learning.

We had a wonderful opportunity to listen and learn in Memphis at the ‘MLK50: Gospel Reflections From The Mountaintop Conference’ hosted by the Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission and the Gospel Coalition. Here is the conference link for you to work your way through. It is well worth your time. There are four talks I want to specifically highlight from the conference.

Glad to be sealed in Christ with you!

1. King and Kingdom: Racial Justice and the Uneasy Conscience of American Christianity — Russell Moore
2. The Most Segregated Hour in America: Overcoming Divisions to Pursue MLK’s Vision of Racial Harmony — Charlie Dates
3. Don’t Lose Heart: Why It’s Worth It To Fight for Racial Harmony Even When We Don’t See Progress — Eric Mason
4. A House Divided Cannot Stand: Understand and Overcoming the Inconsistencies in White Evangelicals on Racial Issues — Matt Chandler