Jubilee Community Church

For Such a Time as This

Hello Jubilee Family,

What a time is before us, Jubilee, as a family of the kingdom of God. I am reminded of what Mordecai said to Esther: “Who knows whether you have not come to the kingdom for such a time as this.” The enemy of faith is sowing with great determination seeds of fear. His goal is to get the eyes of the children of God off of the promises of God and onto the wind and the waves of the circumstances all around them. What a challenge is before us to help one another remain in the truth, encouraged, and supplied with all that is needed for daily life.

Our desire as a leadership team is to encourage you in your small groups (MLG) to work hard to support one another during this time that we are not able to have our normal schedules in place as a church. Call one another. Text each other. Take a walk with others in a park. The elders met last night via FaceTime. It worked well … we couldn’t even talk over one another! That was a bonus! 🙂 If you do meet in small groups, allow for each to determine whether they are comfortable meeting. The goal is to care for the faith of one another.

We don’t know how long the current measures of not meeting as a larger group will last, but we are planning for the next eight weeks in this contingency. To that end we will be working hard to continue our Thessalonians series and then enter a study of Exodus after two weeks focused on the passion week of our Lord, his death, and resurrection.

Each Saturday evening you will receive an email from Jubilee containing a liturgy of the service for Sunday with scripture texts, words of familiar songs with links to YouTube recordings of those songs and the sermon either in video or audio form. This could be used as an MLG meeting in someone’s house or simply as a family. The freedom is yours in how you will use this, but we want to continue to press forward in the teaching of God’s Word and the worship of his name in song and scripture reading.

We will also work to give you materials that you can use with your children so that progress and ongoing themes from Sermons for Saplings can continue. It will take some work to make all of this possible, and I am sure there will be some snafus in the process. Be patient with one another as we seek to make this unusual moment something useful in our ongoing growth in the Lord.

 Updates will continue to come from various ones. If any of you have a testimony to share with the church, by all means send it in so that we can make it available. We may not be able to meet as a whole, but we can sure prove that the family of Jubilee is the Lord’s and will make every effort to stand firmly with one another in the faith of our Lord Jesus!

Communicate if you need help! Pray for one another! Enter into the work of the kingdom, for we are here on purpose for such a time as this!


Pastor Dan