Jubilee Community Church

Focus on the Flower

Jubilee Fam, 

As we reflected on Jonathan’s sermon at our staff meeting on Tuesday, Pastor Dan said something that was gold! He precisely captured what we need to continue to take away from the time our brother wonderfully walked us through Hebrews 11:1–12:3. Here is what Pastor Dan said: Focus on the flower! I will put that in the category of another Dan Porch-ism! Isn’t it right on point, though? The way of endurance is found in our focus, and if we only focus on the brokenness of this world, symbolized by the trash in the picture on Sunday, then weariness and fatigue is the only result. If, however, we run the race looking the Christ, if we focus on the flower by faith, we run in the hope of seeing one day what the Lord has started and will bring to completion in his Son. We, of all people, have all the reason in the world to have “resilient trust in the God who promises even though we don’t see the promises fulfilled yet.” Why? Because by grace and by faith, the eyes of our heart have beheld and will continue to behold the flower of Christ! 

Keep looking brothers and sisters! Keep looking! 

Pastor Lew