Jubilee Community Church

Father, Keep Us from Apatheism

Jubilee Fam, 

What a great High Priest we have in Jesus our Lord! He is increasingly glorious to us, right? I ask because of a podcast I listened to recently that introduced me to a new term — apatheism. I am familiar with the other isms — theism, atheism, agnosticism. But apatheism? What is that? The podcast was interviewing Kyle Beshears, whose new book interacts with apatheism. The subtitle to his book explains the term: How We Share When They Don’t Care. He contends that we are increasingly in a day where people simply don’t care about God. He writes, “Most people who reply apathetically when God is mentioned aren’t rude or hostile. In fact, they might have smiled and politely waited for the subject to change. It’s not that they dislike God, and it’s okay if you like him. But they just don’t care.” His analysis rings true that apatheism is on the rise. During our extended time hearing about our great high priest, like we will listen to again through Hebrews 10, I hope that apathy isn’t on the rise in our hearts. Father, keep us from being bored with Jesus and indifferent to his glory! 

Pastor Lew