Jubilee Community Church

Conscience Calibration

Jubilee Fam, 

This past Sunday, we laid down conscience’s judicial robes for a minute and became a learner. Pastor John’s question was, how do we educate our conscience, precisely when it is not appropriately calibrated on an issue. Our conscience can wrongly condemn us on a topic that we need education in. We will all come up against this at some point because, as Naselli and Crowley say in their book, “no one’s conscience perfectly matches God’s will.” So, what do we do? Pastor John asked a striking question that I hope you keep on deck. Who is disciplining your conscience? Another way to ask that is, who is educating your conscience? Consciences are appropriately educated when, as it learns, it submits itself to the truth, and as Pastor John helpfully unpacked, when it is a learner amid other learners. In other words, we help each other calibrate our consciences on issues that require it in community. This is how you turn the volume down. Be a listener first, and see if you need to calibrate your conscience on an issue before you demand that others do so. 

Turning down the volume together, 

Pastor Lew