Jubilee Community Church


Satisfaction in Christ

Christmas and the pursuit of happiness go well together.  Pastor John mentioned on Sunday that we pursue happiness relentlessly in this life!  We long to be satisfied, not discontent with this aspect or that aspect of our lives.  The words of Jesus, “they shall be satisfied,” give hope and courage to press on in ways and paths that […]

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Who is your Daddy?

Dear Jubilee Family, Based on Russ’s message this past week, an appropriate question would be: Who is your daddy … el jefe!?  Are you looking to this awesome Jesus who has all authority?  Are you talking to him and asking him to be your help?  Are you living in the confidence that he is the Lord!  Or is your […]

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Meditations on Meekness

What is the foundation on which meekness is built?  Meekness is a strength of character built upon the strong foundation of authority, knowing that our life is all wrapped up in the One who has all authority. The meek are not out to make a name for themselves; they already belong to a name that […]

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