February 09, 2023 Jubilee Community Church

Needy and Needed

Needy and Needed

Jubilee Fam,

We are needy. We are needed. Where does your heart struggle with this reality of who we are as the body of Christ? Is it hard for you to communicate your need and receive the help God often supplies through the body? Or, is it hard to stay aware of how much the body needs the grace of God supplied through you? Sometimes we can be so cognizant of our neediness that it doesn’t come to mind how much we are needed. Other times, a deep desire to supply and meet real needs among the body overshadows your willingness to communicate when you need help. The body works properly and flourishes faithfully when its parts occupy both worlds of neediness and needed-ness. 

How can we communicate our neediness? When you are in need, reach out to the body for help. Call another part of the body into a season of prayer. Open up your mouth and let your need be known. Fight the tendency to think that everyone has their own problems, so you should keep yours to yourself. Receive help with thankfulness. Give someone an opportunity of tasting the blessedness of supplying your need. How can we embody our needed-ness? Make a habit to come to church on the lookout to meet needs, whether sitting next to a member who seems down or lonely or helping a family with all the stuff they bring to church. Don’t think that you don’t have something to offer. Even if there is a tangible need that you can’t cover, a listening ear and praying heart go a long way. Aim to supply a need even if you don’t feel called in the area where the need is found. I am so grateful for folks who serve in areas simply because the need exists. Spend time in the Word with the prayer that the Lord gives you an opportunity to use your time to encourage another sister or brother with the private ministry of the Word in their situation. Give someone an opportunity to extend much thanksgiving to our good Father for supplying a need through you.

What are some other ways you can express both your neediness and needed-ness? I hope you have some time this week to reflect on the implications of the church as a body and to put into motion that will help the body grow to the glory of Jesus, the body’s head. 

Glad to be in the body with you,

Pastor Lew 

P.S. Our Sister’s Equipping Sister’s time is rescheduled for March 4. I am excited to dive into this book 👉🏾 Literarily: How Understanding Bible Genres Transforms Bible Study. Check out this talk from Kristie about her book to whet your appetite!