September 29, 2022 Jubilee Community Church

Run the Race of Faith Together

Run the Race of Faith Together

Jubilee Fam,

I hope you set apart some time this week to chew on the text Pastor Dan walked us through this past Sunday. It was a wonderful travelogue of a person worthy of our emulation in many ways. Pastor Dan gave us six actions to practice with each other as we run the race of faith together as a family. They went by fast on the screen, so I didn’t capture them. If you didn’t either, here they are below for your consideration and encouragement in obedience. These 6 points are excellent actions that craft and shape a community of Jesus’ people to a place where his person and work are glorified!

  • Look for every opportunity all day long to speak wise and gracious words that point one another to life.
  • Commend others continually to God (praying for them) and help them understand the gracious character of God who is Holy, Holy, Holy, and yet calls sinners to himself. Be ever speaking the word of God’s grace. Give them the gift of God.
  • Remind one another that it is God who mercifully starts and who graciously finishes our salvation.
  • Show the church how they must find contentment in God alone and not covet the things of this world.
  • Remind them that work is a God-given gift so that they might have something to share with others, especially with the weak.
  • Allow Jesus to speak with his authoritative words and parables; show him as the example of the one who came to serve and not to be served.

Much grace to you, Jubilee,

Pastor Lew