July 28, 2022 Jubilee Community Church

The Gospel Is Not Snake Oil

The Gospel Is Not Snake Oil

Jubilee Fam, 

I am still chewing on Pastor Nick’s opening illustration on Sunday concerning the Gospel. He started his sermon off with the miracle elixir from Professor Thaddeus J. Schmidlap, whose oil can immediately relieve various ailments ranging from rheumatism to frostbite. Lo and behold, this magical medical marvel is for all types of God’s creations, from humans to beasts! Nick asked a good question. “Who would believe that one concoction can do so many different things for many different kinds of people?” Nick rightfully called this sham of a product snake oil, which proved too good to be true. Nick showed us from Acts 16:11–40 that, like Schmidlap’s elixir oil, the Gospel promises to do many different things for many different people. The massive difference is that the Gospel is not snake oil. It comes through and does amazingly diverse work in the lives of countless people. We are proof of that, just like Lydia, the slave girl, the jailer, and Paul was. 

I just wanted to remind you of Nick’s excellent opening illustration! In our wrestle with sin both within our hearts and the hearts of others, our hope is that there is an answer that goes deep to the heart of multiple problems for all types of folks like you and me. Far from being snake oil, the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ not only saves all sorts of people but also sanctifies all kinds of issues in our hearts and those we are in a relationship with. In his timing, the Spirit of Jesus has not come across a heart yet that is not responsive to the Gospel that does so many things for so many people. Trust in his work Jubilee. 

Pastor Lew