June 02, 2022 Jubilee Community Church

Bringing About His Kingdom Through Us

Bringing About His Kingdom Through Us

Jubilee Fam, 

Over the past few weeks, we have seen cherished brothers and sisters leave us as they head into different chapters of their lives. It has been hard to see them go. As I reflect on whether they were with us for a short journey or for a long time, I am thankful to our good Father for pouring grace on us through them for as long as they have been with us. Each of them expressed their love for the Jubilee family to a tee. I got a sense that, in the partial words of an immortal boy band — arguably the best of all time — it is hard to say goodbye. 😉 As that sentiment was expressed in many ways, I implored them to pray for us as we came to mind. It is to no credit at all in and of ourselves that their experiences were life-giving and Christ-exalting among this church called Jubilee. That is the work of the mighty Spirit who we see on the pages of Scripture in the Book of Acts. I asked them to pray that the Lord would continue to pour out a unique grace on Jubilee to be a community where saying goodbye is sorrowful because of the joy we have experienced together. I want to thank you, Jubilee, because often, I hear how many of you spend your lives in the service of one another. Whether you can sense it or not, as Zack told us on Sunday, the Lord is bringing about his Kingdom through you, and we give him glory. Let’s keep it up, brothers and sisters. Don’t let the weariness of the various seasons of life sidetrack you. Let’s continue to make Jubilee a hard place to leave as we endeavor to love one another through the thick and thin.

As you know, it won’t be easy. There will be plenty of opportunities to both extend grace and receive grace. Forgiveness will continue to be a necessity. Joy, however, will accompany us on the way as we run the race together, calling each other to keep our faces in our Savior’s face. 

Grateful for your example,

Pastor Lew