May 19, 2022 Jubilee Community Church

Where Jesus is Present, There is Peace

Where Jesus is Present, There is Peace

Dear Jubilee Family, 


Praying for you this morning that you would be steadfast and not grow weary in doing good as you wait on the Lord and walk in the presence of his Spirit. Certainly, one of the great encouragements from our study of Acts is the visible work of Jesus building his church. 


The last two Sundays we have watched Jesus working signs and wonders and hidden faithfulness in and through the lives of his people to the end that others might be drawn into the kingdom. And that is the pattern we should expect. Jesus will use our lives to bring light to others. One of the greatest works given to us as families is the faithful work of bringing light to our children in our homes through the steadfast love of a mom and dad who treasure Jesus above everything else. That place of belonging to Jesus, as we saw in Dorcas, and in so many others, sets us free from self-serving to give ourselves to the work of loving well those given to us. ‘Full of good works’ was the language used concerning the life of Dorcas. People loved being in her home, for it was a gracious place due to the peace of the presence of Jesus. 


Jesus is committed to your life of being set apart from worldliness to God. We see him teaching Peter new understanding and drawing Cornelius and his family to himself. This is the work of Jesus building his church. He will not abandon us, Jubilee! Having begun this building work, he will complete it. His investment and progress may at times seem slow to us, but it is only his patience and wisdom that in the end will result in the completion of his church established in and among all peoples. And we will ooh and aah at that glorious work! May you be filled with great courage today, as you call upon the Spirit of Jesus, to stand firmly against the tide of worldliness and give yourselves to those whom God has placed within your influence for his kingdom work! 


Where Jesus is present and building, there is peace. Now may the Lord of peace himself give you peace at all times in every way. The Lord be with you all. (2Thess. 3:16) 



Pastor Dan