April 14, 2022 Jubilee Community Church

Boasting in Hope

Boasting in Hope

Jubilee Fam, 

It is Holy Week. Here we are with a yearly reminder of the most important event performed by the most important person in human history. We see love displayed, divine plans and purposes fulfilled, death defeated, and promises procured. Concerning the death, burial, and resurrection of Christ, I read recently how the blessings of the age-to-come have broken into this present evil age, and herein lies our strength for today and bright hope for tomorrow. This week commemorates the moment where hope was birthed, which yanked the stinger out of death. This week is our needed reminder that there is nothing that life brings to the table that can swallow our hope. We believe in the testimony of the apostles! Christ died and rose. He is Risen indeed! It is our prayer that hope will surge in your hearts this weekend, starting tonight at the Maundy Thursday Service. As we reflect on the perfect person and work of Christ as he stripped down to wash His disciple's feet, endured a sham trial that highlighted his innocence, hung on the judgment tree, as he breathed out his last break, his body was wrapped in linen and planted in a tomb, and as the first eschatological flower to come, rose gloriously in His resurrection would your hope arise this weekend brothers and sisters. We, of all people, have ample reason to be the most hopeful because of our risen and resurrected King! 

Boasting in Hope with you,

Pastor Lew