February 24, 2022 Jubilee Community Church

We Listen by Grace

We Listen by Grace

Jubilee Fam, 

For whatever reason, I completely blew past one of the most important things I could have said on Sunday concerning applying the text. I mentioned that our application is to continue to listen to Jesus, specifically for believers. We entered the path of discipleship by listening to Jesus’ claim on our lives as King and call for repentance. We take every step on this pathway by continuing to listen to Jesus and doing what he tells us to do. I intended to end with this concerning the application: There are so many areas to investigate where we must listen to Jesus in our lives. At lunch, in your MLG, grab a cup of coffee with a friend and talk about where you must listen to Jesus and be sure to pray, knowing that grace will be supplied for you to listen and obey. If Jesus has blessed us and caused us to turn to Him in repentance (Acts 3:26), he will indeed bless us and grant us grace to listen to him for the rest of our days. This call to listen and obey what Jesus tells us to do is not a call to do so in our strength. We listen by grace. We obey by grace. We thank Jesus for the grace he supplies.

Where is it hard to listen to Jesus and obey what He calls you to do? Admit that there is no strength in and of yourself to follow it. Call upon the Spirit of Jesus to supply grace to both desire and do what Jesus is telling you to do. Trust that all will be given to you. Act and do what he tells you to do. Thank God for the grace he supplied once you do it. I know, I know. All of this is so much easier typed, read, and said than done. I feel that in my bones. And yet, it is still valid, and it is our pathway to listening by grace to the one whom God has glorified. He supplies grace to the humble (James 4:6).

Trusting for grace with you,

Pastor Lew