February 18, 2022 Jubilee Community Church

Enacting the Reign of the King

Enacting the Reign of the King

Jubilee Fam, 

Today in class, we went through the Book of Acts — in one class!! There is so much to see in these beautiful 28 chapters! We wondered whether the book should be entitled the Acts of the Apostles, the Acts of the Holy Spirit, or the Acts of the Risen and Ascended Savior. The sermon title of our series may hint at where I lean. We are calling this series Enacting the Reign of the King. Here we have 28 chapters of how King Jesus matches the kingdom to the ends of the earth. Those other titles of the book are not wrong at all! We undoubtedly read of the deeds of the apostles and the doings of the Spirit. All three tell us the glorious truth of this book and how it applies to us. The Book of Acts is the story of the deeds of King Jesus through His People by the Holy Spirit! That’s the story then, and that is the story now! Jesus is still enacting his reign through his people (US!!!) by the power of the Spirit! Through it all Jubilee, the long nights with babies, the hard conversations with grown children, the joys of a job well done, the thrill of sharing the gospel, the heart-breaking moments of marriage, never forget that you are called to play a role in the most remarkable story ever told! We are called to enact the reign of the King by the power of the Spirit in the time and place the Lord has sovereignly put us. 

In the King together,

Pastor Lew