November 05, 2021 Jubilee Community Church

We Can Never Hear Enough

We Can Never Hear Enough

Jubilee Fam,

I hope our time in the story of the Kingdom of God has created a deep longing in our hearts to boast in, reflect, share, and rest in the remarkable reality of belonging to the King. We are the King’s people. We gladly live under the King’s rule. We are in the King’s place, now in Christ and later in the new heavens and earth. We yearn to enjoy and enact the King’s rule in the various spheres of life our King has called us to. All of this is by grace and because of Jesus’ person and work as the embodiment of the Kingdom. We look forward to the perfect Kingdom when the whole earth enjoys the rule and reign of the King. Until then, we call folks to enter the Kingdom. This story, though the reality of our lives, has competition. There are other stories out there that purport to tell us about reality apart from divine royalty — stories infused with human nobility where we are king and queen, and the world revolves around us, our needs, our desires, our wants, and our decisions on what is right or wrong. Brothers and sisters, we can never hear enough about the Kingdom of God!! For the next three weeks, though we have completed the story of the Kingdom as a series, we aim to hear more, but this time through the genre of parables. Consider the next three weeks and Advent after that like the epilogue of the Story of the Kingdom. In the parables, we will listen to King Jesus as he tells us from a different angle what the Kingdom of God is like. We can never hear it enough!

Yearning for more,

Pastor Lew