October 29, 2021 Jubilee Community Church

Members of the Kingdom

Members of the Kingdom

Jubilee Fam,

Lewis reminded us on Sunday that the King is here! But he has come in a way that is bewildering to the world of mankind, for he came with great power and authority to serve. The powerful find it difficult to resonate with his gospel that speaks more of heart change than the political change for which we are often longing.

And yet his gospel message was all about the kingdom of God, the kingdom of heaven, the kingdom in your midst. For most it is puzzling and makes little sense in a world influenced by the god of this world.

Lewis pointed us to the record of the ‘Acts of the kingdom’ where the Spirit of God continued the ongoing work of the King through the daily lives of his people. God proclaiming everywhere and to everyone that we must repent of self-centered focus that stands in rebellion to the true King. We must believe his word and trust his leadership in our daily lives so that the daily chores of doing dishes and getting groceries; raising children and working in offices become platforms through our lives for the proclamation of the King and his kingdom. 

And so marvel, Jubilee, at the calling on our life as members of the kingdom. Marvel and ask for help of the Spirit so that our lives reflect the life of the King. Let’s prepare our hearts daily from his Word and reading good books and through encouraging words to one another. And then, from a place of resting in God at work in us by grace, let’s work the work of the kingdom until the day that he takes us home to be with him forever.

Pastor Dan