October 22, 2021 Jubilee Community Church

The King is on the Scene!

The King is on the Scene!

Jubilee Fam,

The King is on the scene! This past Sunday, Pastor Toph got us to the person the whole story has been waiting for since Genesis! Finally, an obedient Son has arrived! At last, the perfect King is here! What is the King’s message? The Kingdom of God is at hand! Now, the Creator King will have a people gladly under his rule in his place enjoying and enacting his blessing and reign. How is this possible? We had seen time and time again that somehow or another, just when we thought that the pattern of the Kingdom would be established, a fall narrative happens — the garden, the golden idol, all the unfaithful kings, exile. Why will anything be different now that Jesus the King is on the scene? Why are there no more fall narratives like that have come before? Jesus’ person and work is THE difference maker! His life, death, resurrection, and ascension to the universal throne provide all that is necessary for the elements of the Kingdom to arrive in part now and fully later. The Kingdom of God has decisively arrived because the King has arrived, and his cleansing work is perfect. This is the Kingdom that we proclaim!

I’m looking forward to Sunday to boast in the Kingdom together.

Pastor Lew