October 08, 2021 Jubilee Community Church

Faithfulness to His Word

Faithfulness to His Word

Jubilee Fam,

We left off on Sunday with the King’s king on the throne. The storyline has taken us to the point where King David has arrived, and he has been given an astonishing promise. The Lord covenanted with David that his throne would be an eternal throne. A son of David will be an everlasting king. This King will be the instrument through which God’s blessings will be poured out on the world. The story from King David, though, takes another tragic turn. At BCS, we just finished reading and discussing 1–2 Kings. The book doesn’t end with Israel being a blessing to the nations. Israel enters into exile AMONG the nations, and kings play a significant role in why the story ends in exile. This question came up in class. Is all lost? His people are in exile. There is no Davidic king on the throne. Has God’s word failed?

   The end of 2 Kings provides a beam of light in the darkness of exile. The book ends with a Davidic king exalted even in exile (2 Kings 25:27–30). Here is how one person describes the end of 2 Kings — By the end of 2 Kings, the lamp may be smoldering, but it has not been extinguished (11:36; 15:4; 2 Kgs. 8:19). The house of David is still intact. The line of Judah still survives and the seed of Abraham can bring blessing to the world. In other words, God’s word still has not failed. As he has overcome plenty of obstacles in the story like slavery, barrenness, and complaining, he will overcome the obstacle of exile to show himself faithful to his word. I pray this week that you would have fresh heart-encouraging glimpses of our Father’s faithfulness to his Word to us in Christ! 

Pastor Lew