September 24, 2021 Jubilee Community Church

The Solution to Our Cursed World

The Solution to Our Cursed World

Jubilee Fam,

The story of the Kingdom of God explains our world the best. Your neighbors, co-workers, and everyone in between have to wrestle with why the world is the way it is and what is the solution to all of the brokenness of which we are recipients and contributors. You should ask them one time. Friend, how do you explain the brokenness of this world? Neighbor, how is this broken world fixed? The story of the Kingdom of God answers the question the best out of all worldviews because out of them all, the Kingdom is in line with reality. The story of the Kingdom tells us from Genesis 1–3 that life is good under the rule of the King, and life is tragically broken when his rule is disobeyed. The first three chapters of the Bible don’t just only explain to us what is wrong with this world. The story of the Kingdom includes the solution to our broken, cursed world. The King will fix his world by ushering in his Kingdom. We are yearning for the day when the whole world will be under the rule of the King. This is what the new heavens and the new earth will be! All of creation again under the King’s rule. Until then, though, the church is the place where the King’s rule is obeyed, and in many ways, we taste of the blessing that comes from being in the Kingdom. Remember, we are kingdom people now because of God’s grace; we are enjoying his blessings for us in Christ under his rule. 

Marvel at the Kingdom as we live as Kingdom People!

Pastor Lew