September 16, 2021 Jubilee Community Church

Creator King

Creator King

Jubilee Fam,

Many things ought to come to our minds when we think about God our Creator. Jeremiah 10:12 gives us some — It is he who made the earth by his power, who established the world by his wisdom, and by his understanding stretched out the heavens. Power. Wisdom. Understanding. These attributes of our Creator ought to cause worship to spring up in our souls. Creativity. Beauty. Glory. When we look upon our Father’s world, with eyes that truly see the reality of his work, how can we not stand in awe and ascribe worth to our Creator? As we saw from many texts, kingship belongs in the pile of glories that should come to mind when we think of the Creator.

God, our Father, is the Creator King. Genesis 1–2 gives us the pattern of kingship. Do you remember how we defined kingdom? The kingdom of God is the King’s people in the King’s place under the King’s rule enjoying the king’s blessing of his reign. I received a beneficial suggestion to add one more aspect to this definition — enacting the King’s reign. Where does that fit in, one might ask? Enacting the King’s reign describes the commission that Adam and Eve received as image-bearers. Humanity, male and female, were created to represent and reflect (image forth) their King by exercising godly rule under the rule of their Creator King — the King’s people under the king’s rule. As images of the King, they were tasked to fill the earth with other image bearers, subdue (not negative: harness its potential for good), rule under His rule, and reflect his Kingship, thereby enacting the King’s reign. Chew on this for a little bit this week. The Lord’s intention, in the beginning, was to spread his kingship and kingdom through his image-bearers. How does that now work on the other side of Jesus’ work on our behalf? It’s my prayer that our time in this study of the story of the kingdom of God would saturate our hearts and shape the very stories of our lives. The kingdom of God is the King’s people in the King’s place under the King’s rule enjoying the King’s blessings and enacting the King’s reign.

Seeking the Kingdom with you,

Pastor Lew