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As Much Better As…

Jubilee Fam, 

One of my favorite activities in the class I teach at BCS is called Fish Report. It comes from the story The Student and the Fish (video here; story here). In essence, it is a time in class when I get to see what the students saw in their reading. I can’t underline how important it is to know that you don’t see everything perfectly! We need other people’s sight to see clearer! Let me encourage you to check out below what our brother Jon Crappel has seen in his time in Hebrews. I pray this would encourage you to keep looking and then share what you have seen. 

Like any good preacher in the south, the author of Hebrews knows how to put together a solid three point sermon. As we’re reading this letter together, I encourage you all to look for the three big points of Hebrews that support the main point — Jesus Is Better. 

As Much As

• Angels: as much superior to angels as the name he has inherited is more excellent, (vs. 1:4), 

• Moses: as much more glory [than Moses] as the builder of a house has more honor than the house itself., vs. 3:3, 

• As the argument progresses, a dual comparison of Jesus’ ministry and its new covenant over against the old covenant and its sacrificial system: a ministry that is as much more excellent than the old as the covenant he mediates is better, since it is enacted on better promises., (vss. 7:22, 8:6).

Seeing this, we are able to see the argument of Hebrews very clearly:

• listen to Jesus because he has a trustworthy message, 

• consider that he is a faithful and effective mediator, 

• and hope completely in his covenant promises, which offer more hope than any other system ever conceived. 

Not only is Jesus greater than angels, but he is Yahweh in the flesh who has become a high priest and mediator of a covenant with himself as the sacrifice, a sacrifice fully able to save those who trust in it’s promises. 

Indeed, “here we have no lasting city,” so if you find yourself feeling out of place in these uncertain times — misunderstood by all sides and uncomfortable — dear brothers and sisters, that is how it should be! Press on, as together “we seek the city that is to come.” We may find momentary reprieves in this life, but this short letter reminds us that we are sojourners and travelers in a strange land, on our way to a home that is far greater. Look to Jesus. Listen to him. Trust in his promises. Wait for him. Jesus is better — Jon Crappel. 

Jon, thank you for showing us more of Jesus, who truly is better!

Pastor Lew