Jubilee Community Church

A Christian Testimony in the Face of Evil

Yet again we find ourselves staring at the senseless act of a mass shooting. What happened at First Baptist Church in Sutherland Springs, Texas is no more appalling than the shootings in Las Vegas, Orlando, or San Bernardino and yet the sting that is felt strikes a chord for us in the body of Christ. I want to recommend a slow reading of Al Mohler’s article Tragedy in Texas: A Christian Testimony in the Face of Evil. It is one of the most comprehensive responses that I have seen that teaches us how we speak to our own hearts, our families, our neighbors and coworkers when we have such a vivid demonstration of evil. Here are a some parts of the article that resonated with me.

From a Christian worldview, we have to understand that the facts are important. It is not wrong to want to know what the dots are and then to try to connect them. God made us rational and moral creatures and this moral sense reaches out for some rational explanation of the horrifying evil of our world. But our first response should not be to try to understand the crime, but rather, to identify with the community in grief and experiencing heartbreak.

The Christian worldview dignifies the heartbroken.

Evil is essentially a theological category.

Christians also have to acknowledge that our affirmation of an infinitely great and an infinitely good God requires us to answer some questions that atheists don’t have to answer.

Yet, even as the Bible indicates that pain, suffering, and mourning are teachers, we have to be very careful about telling others what God is supposedly teaching them in the midst of heartbreak.

When we cannot trace God’s hand, we are simply to trust his heart.

Please take some time with your family this week and continue to pray for First Baptist.