Jubilee Community Church

Relevance and Relationship

Pastor Dieudonné’s sermon this past Sunday, December 10, 2017, had three sections to it — recap, relationship, and relevance.

Relevance encourages us to pay attention because it makes a connection to our lives. Would the Lord continue to work in us a deep confidence in the sufficiency of Scripture that stands alone as the place where we find the greatest relevance in every area of life. Luke’s writing object was to write an orderly account for a distinct purpose — certainty (Luke 1:1-4) How relevant is certainty in our day and age? How good is it, in the age of so much uncertainty, to have our feet planted firmly on the rock with solid certainty of God’s ability to do the impossible (Lk. 1:37)?

Part of Mary’s song of praise is that her soul magnified the Lord and rejoiced in God her Savior because “He has helped his servant Israel in remembrance of his mercy, as he spoke to our fathers, to Abraham and to his offspring forever.” The help that caused Mary to rejoice was the child in her womb that would be great (Lk.1:32). If God certainly helped us in his Son how much more certainly will he help us in our marriages, singleness, parenting, relationships and in 10,000 other ways? We can be certain that he will since he has!


This past Sunday, Dieudonne created slides to help us review together.
He Will Reign on David’s Throne Review Slides- Luke 1:26-56