Jubilee Community Church

Where Is Your Light Today?

Is your life on a pedestal today or under a basket? Does the light of Christ reflect from you there in the kitchen of your home, in the office where honesty and integrity are often in short supply, on the road where others are determined that life is all about them? Is the light of Christ emanating from you today?

Jesus said that it is what comes out of person that defines them.  What comes out of us tells the story of what is in our hearts. Are gracious words that point others to hope, the testimony of your life today? Or is something from the flesh pouring forth?

Remember the four realities from Sunday’s sermon:

  1. God is the light maker and he has called us (Jubilee) out of darkness that we might shine forth the excellencies of him.
  2. To remain bright, we must remain plugged in to Jesus, for he is the source who makes our lives bear much fruit.
  3. Lights were made to shine, and so we carry out the beautiful business of spreading truth and hope.
  4. You can hide light under a basket or you can let it shine from a pedestal. The challenge and success of living above a culture that teaches racial divide is an evidence of a life emanating truth (shining brightly) from the table top!

We are on a journey, Jubilee! The journey begins and ends with Jesus! Be gracious to us, O God, …that we might walk before you in the light of life!