Jubilee Community Church

Venture On Him

The wind that was whipping the rain against our screen house seemed almost hurricane-like as Mitchell and I braced ourselves in the corners and tried to keep it from flying away.  Our shouting back and forth mimicked the disciples in the boat as the waves seemed ready to destroy the boat and their lives. “Lord, have mercy,  we are about to die!”

Faith centered in an answer is most often filled with fears of what if God does not come through for us!  But faith that is centered in a God full of purpose cries out for help with a hope that is deeply anchored.  The question given to Abraham, “Is anything too hard for the Lord?” (Gen. 18:14), does not reassure the answer. But it assumes the God in charge will come through for his own glory and purpose, even if my life is given up in the fulfillment of that purpose!

Our camping adventure ended well … even as God’s gift of Isaac brought laughter and joy to an old couple in the ongoing adventure of God’s story through their lives.  Our God is able!

Venture on him, Jubilee!