Jubilee Community Church

JUL Initiative


The Jubilee Urban Leadership Initiative is an urban leadership development program/internship, which seeks to provide sound theological training, character development and assessment of calling and gifting for urban, multi-ethnic leaders in the context of the local church.

  • By the grace of God, our aim is to disciple men in following Christ and to raise up indigenous leaders from the city, particularly minority leaders (Matt. 28:19-20).
  • Interns will be personally mentored by the Elders and Director of Jubilee Community Church.
  • There will be a high emphasis on Biblical Manhood.
  • The Jubilee Urban Leadership Initiative is a 12-24 month internship.

Ministry Vision

Jubilee exists to glorify God by enjoying Him forever, to grow in maturity in Jesus Christ, and to go in the power of the Holy Spirit with the message of the Gospel. The vision of Jubilee is unique. The neighborhoods of Philips and Powderhorn are also unique. We are seeking to blend together in partnership the resource of many people and some existing ministries to accomplish the end of seeing a vibrant church reaching out and bringing about change in this challenging environment. This is an area that is economically challenged and negatively labeled by society at large. This is a people who are ethnically divided. By God’s grace we are pursuing the impossible, and as he works through many, the many will glorify him as God of this city.

One way of pursuing this vision is through the Jubilee Urban Leadership Initiative, which aims to be training urban church leaders to make disciples through crossing cultures, doing deeds of mercy and proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ.