Jubilee Community Church

Fighting to Embrace Jesus as Better Than Life

You’re back at it, surrounded by a world shouting at you, declaring to you what is normal.  The norm of American life is being paraded before your eyes today as it is every day.  Kingdom life that we heard about on Sunday might begin to fade or seem distant or worse … it might appear to be insignificant.

But didn’t we sing “Jesus, your loving kindness is better than life!”  It seemed so real on Sunday morning with the Jubilee family surrounding us.  Why then does the American life now seem to consume the whole picture as I try to focus on life?

John reminded us that Jesus’ call in Matthew 5:27-30 is a call to action … it is a call to fight for the truth – for God’s way to become the new norm in our life.  And we must fight that fight with others … we must fight together!  It means cutting off and shutting off the lies this world will feed to you this week.  It means courageously living from what you know to be true … that Jesus is better than life, and therefore, he is to be pursued with all of me!

Thankful that Jesus is a merciful priest who is after all of me and all of you!

Praying with you for your faith,